The Georgian National Ballet Concert Company - Little Stars

Kids Ballet Stage Production

A kid’s ballet show performed by phenomenal child dancers and ballerinas
The number of performers can vary and be adapted to suit your venue’s stage size
Dancing show can be performed alongside live musicians playing songs from Georgian composers
Live drumming adds dynamism, energy and vitality to performance
Book this Kids Ballet Stage Production for performances in Georgia and worldwide

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Introduce kids to ballet with this Kids Ballet Stage Production. Loved by both little ones and adults, these child ballet dancers have delighted audiences of all types around the world. Their leaps, turns and spins are on a par with any professional ballet dancers. Based on Georgian folklore, our kid’s ballet show combines both classical ballet technique and modern folk moves in one performance.

These child dancers and ballerinas, between the ages of 8 and 15, perform a breathtaking show based on the adult version of this production, with the same dynamism, explosiveness and energy. They, on the other hand, add tenderness and sweetness to their performance. This 90-minute Kids Ballet Stage Production’s choreographies are based on music originally created by Georgian composers. This kid’s ballet show can be performed with live music if required, so up to eight live musicians can accompany our child ballet dancers and ballerinas.

The ideal entertainment option for introducing kids into ballet and dancing, this kid’s ballet show combines eye-catching movements, a colourful staging and original music. This makes it suitable for any type of audience and especially enjoyable for kids. Their show can vary and be adapted to suit your venue’s stage size, tough usually they recommend performances with the entire cast to keep the act’s original essence.

Led by a renowned choreographer, these child ballet dancers are guaranteed to leave unforgettable memories on spectators and will be the perfect fit for your theatre programme during the coming season. You could also check our Ballet Stage Production to check the adult version of this phenomenal act.

Our in house team of entertainment experts will be happy to assist you and provide you with more information about this act. Make sure you contact us today and make your enquiry. 

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