La Fura dels Baus

La Fura dels Baus

Internationally renowned theatrical group will amaze at your event
Captivating combinations of fun, drama, slapstick and fantasy
Perform digital and street theatre and opera as well as contemporary
Past clients include Mercedes Benz, Pepsi, Microsoft, Warner Bros and more
Based in Barcelona and available to perform worldwide

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La Fura dels Baus are known for their use of unusual settings, music, movement, natural and industrial materials, new technology and audience participation in order to put on one of a kind, incredible shows that will leave guests reeling at your event, ensuring it is remembered for years to come.

The group is synonymous with eccentricity, innovation, adaptation, rhythm, evolution and transgression. Such characteristic and unique essence led the company to pioneer the reconceptualisation of two of the most significant aspects of the dramatic art: the theatrical space and the public. Thus, respectively, they redefined the space by moving it to non-conventional ones – and changed the public role from passive to active, which meant a breaking of the “fourth wall”. And it is that there is no creation without risk – a compiled premise from the beginning, since their first street shows, where the authentic essence of La Fura was born.

The incessant curiosity and the need to explore new artistic trends have developed, through a process of collective creation, a unique language, style and aesthetic. Nowadays, this is called “Furan language”, which has been implemented in different artistic genres, such as opera, cinema and large-scale performances.

The ability to bind and adapt carnality and mysticism, nature and artifice, rudeness and sophistication, primitivism and technology, in every performance, has given La Fura dels Baus its international success and prestige.

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