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LED Aerial Bartenders Singapore

Glamorous LED aerial bartender will captivate as our beautiful hoop performer serves drinks to guests
The perfect aerial hostess act to create long lasting memories of your event
Providing a fun way to get drinks to guests, a talented aerial champagne pourer will hover above the crowd
Sensational LED aerial act ideal for corporate events, private parties, themed events, and more
Book aerial hostess to truly engage with guests at your event across Singapore and worldwide

LED Aerial Bartenders Singapore PHOTOS

Are you bored of the regular and lacklustre drink servers and want them far from your event? Look no further than our dazzling LED aerial bartender. For an unforgettable entertainment choice, our beautiful aerialist will provide drinks to guests while hanging from a sensational LED hoop while performing various aerial tricks. Our aerial champagne pourer will instantly become the highlight of your event as guests interact with our LED aerial act making her a great drink event entertainment option. Our aerial hostess will provide unique photo opportunities and will guarantee guests are always keeping their eyes glued to our aerialists angelic movements.

Our stunning LED aerial bartender can serve wine, champagne, cocktails, or any other beverage choice creating a versatile aerial acrobatic act. Our aerialist will help create a sophisticated atmosphere that's ideal for weddings, corporate events, private parties, and much more. Providing a variety of coloured costumes, our highly skilled aerial expert will keep conversations flowing as she mingles with approaching guests, ensuring endless smiles and lasting impressions. Surprise guests with our luminous and mystifying drink event entertainment.

Our LED aerial champagne pourer will keep a ray of light high above your event as their costumes come to life under UV active lights, creating a truly sensational display of light. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors events. Our LED glow act can also supply a freestanding rig setup upon request. Our act can also be combined with a number of other acts featured on Scarlett Entertainment to help provide even more customization options to truly make your event a one of a kind experience.

If you're interested in hiring our out of this world aerial hostess for your upcoming event or gathering, contact our fantastic Scarlett Entertainment event specialists who will answer any questions you might have about our LED aerial bartenders, as well as guiding you through the booking process.

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