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LED Show Bremen

Astonishing LED dance show delivers an electrifying spectacle
Dazzling LED show is the perfect modern and stylish entertainment for parties, festivals and corporate events
Dynamic and diverse show includes light juggling, LED poi spinners, LED dancers and can be tailored to include your company branding
Incredible LED dancers have been well received at major events for Siemens, Volkswagen, Yahoo and many more.
Extraordinary light show available for events worldwide

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Book this sensational LED dance show and turn your event into a magnificent display of light, colour and motion. This incredible LED show will make a huge impression at any kind of event with its dazzling light displays, cutting edge technology and graceful, talented dancers. Our LED dancers combine electrifying dance routines with colourful LED poi spinners and a huge range of luminous props to create a striking and dynamic show your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off.

Our light juggling and dancing acts are perfect for a huge range of events- whether it’s creating a beautiful and futuristic display at stage shows, lighting up the night at outdoor festivals or delivering an unforgettable soundtrack and backdrop to clubs and parties. This ingenious and marvellous light show is also the perfect choice for incorporating your company branding or event logo and motto into the display for a powerful reminder of your company identity that every guest will see and remember.

This top of the range and highly professional LED dance show has toured all around the world, playing at festivals in the USA, Thailand, Germany and the Ukraine as well as regularly being booked by major companies like Volkswagen, Siemens, Lidl and Yahoo. Our impressive and diverse light juggling acts and dancers come in a range of themes and options, making our light show one of the most versatile and impressive shows of its kind.

Each extraordinary show can be tailored to suit your needs exactly, with thousands of programmable colours and the option to sync the display to any kind of music. For everything from a single breath taking show to an all encompassing event design for a truly modern and cutting edge look, our LED show is the ideal choice.

This magnificent LED show can also offer incredible fire and laser shows which cna be combined for a dramatic and attention grabbing display.

Contact Scarlett Entertainment to arrange booking one of our brilliant shows. 


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