Circus in Motion - Mirror Man

Mirror Man Singapore

Fantastic mirror costume walkabout character to add fun at your event
Versatile character is available for simple roving performance or as a human statue
Visually captivating costume is great for photo opportunities
Book for indoor or outdoor, day or night time occasions
Based in Singapore and available for events all over Asia

Mirror Man Singapore PHOTOS

Book the Mirror Man Singapore to amaze your guests with a very fascinating character guaranteed to stand out and become the centre of attention. Equally well suited to being a meet and greet feature or a crowd pleasing walkabout act.

Based in Singapore, the mirror man has a phenomenal costume covered entirely in mirrored mosaics. The elegant character has a sophisticated suit, gloves, top hat and even his face is completely mirrored. Each and everyone of the tiny mirrored panels reflects lights and they bounce off in all different directions, making this walkabout act extremely good in a venue with lots of different colour lighting. 

Mirror Man Singapore can be booked as a human statue or as a walkabout act. Booked as a human statue, guests will be amazed by the character and take time to figure out if he is real or not. As a walkabout act he will roam around your event space and interact with your guests and pose for photos. He is able to provide slow elements of roaming, but cannot move extensively due to the costume restrictions. 

Available for all kinds of event, Mirror Man Singapore is an incredibly versatile character that is really well suited to themed events, as a stand out walkabout character and can be used as a very effective marketise tool for promotional events, as you can see in the photos above. 

Top Tip:
The team behind the shiny walkabout character also offer several other Circus Roving Acts available for your events.

To book the mirror man for your event, please contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment.