Manuel Murel

Mural 3D Street Painter

Incredible street artist is guaranteed to wow your guests with live event art
Talented performer creates amazing custom murals, graffiti, and event installations
Can also offer more art based entertainment performing as light painter
Ideal for product launches, exhibitions, corporate functions and parties
Mural painter available to hire for events in Vienna and across Austria

Mural 3D Street Painter VIDEOS

Mural 3D Street Painter PHOTOS

Bring creativity and colour to your special occasion with our fantastic mural painter, who is certain to prove popular with guests as he provides fascinating live event art for all to enjoy. A professional street artist, this talented performer is skilled in a range of disciplines, and can offer you a variety of art based entertainment options, including performances as a light painter alongside his graffiti and urban art.

Offering viewers an escape from the every day, our brilliant street artist fuses together an eclectic assortment of influences in order to create pieces that are eye-catching, alternative, and unique. Promising you live event art that will turn heads and serve as an instant talking point, our mural painter can work on a range of surfaces, producing everything from small, intricate designs to sprawling, kaleidoscopic scenes that will dominate and transform an ordinary space.

Inspired by the street art and graffiti he encountered whilst growing up in France, our urban artist constantly tries to reinvent himself throughout his work, guaranteeing you something one of a kind at your event as his distinctive style evolves and flourishes. Attendees will watch in awe and wonder as this gifted event painter works tirelessly to generate an incredible visual spectacle at your occasion, with his fantastic murals and graffiti adding an exclusive element to your event.

Also working as a performance artist, our wonderful act can work as a light painter as well, bringing striking art based entertainment to your event through the use of long exposure photography. Ideal for product launches, private parties, themed events, exhibitions, ceremonies, corporate events and more, our street artist is available to book for events in Vienna and throughout Austria.

As global entertainment specialists, at Scarlett Entertainment we can offer a whole range of impressive live event artists to perform at private and corporate events around the world and utterly amaze your audiences. For more information about the acts we can provide, contact our dedicated team of co-ordinators today. 


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