Anna Strelkova - Pre-Recorded (Virtual)

Pre-Recorded Sand Art Stories

Completely customisable, pre-recorded sand art videos to elevate campaigns, celebrate anniversaries, key milestones and special occasions
Layers of sweeping sand will come to life to tell a soul-stirring story or advertise a brand, thanks to Sand Artist Anna's skilful hands
Anna will film the sequence and deliver the video ahead of your virtual event or as a unique, save the date style invitation to excite guests
An enchanting virtual entertainment option that uses a traditional art form to transcend language barriers and unite an international audience
Audiences can also watch Anna's magic hands at work at live events and see the story take shape, with special lighting and on-screen projections

Pre-Recorded Sand Art Stories VIDEOS

Pre-Recorded Sand Art Stories PHOTOS

Our Pre-Recorded Sand Art Stories are the perfect way to reconnect with online audiences and international clients. Sand Artist Anna is available exclusively through Scarlett Entertainment. For more content and credentials, check out Sand Artist Anna's Custom Sand Art and Corporate Sand Art.


1. What is a pre-recorded sand art story?

Sand art animation involves the manipulation of sand to tell a story. Sand Artist Anna will film the sand art story as she creates it. The final video file is shared with the client or online audience.

2. How long is each sand art story?

Typically, between 7-10-minutes but duration can be flexible.

3. Can the sand art stories be customised?

Absolutely! The sand can be plain or coloured. The story itself can be completely bespoke too with branded elements or tailored to a theme such as Christmas. Customisation must be discussed in advance and may incur an additional fee. Approximate lead time for customisation is 2 weeks. Ready made shows are also available.

4. What would be an example of customisation?

Celebrate a recent engagement with a pre-recorded sand art story that depicts how they met and their relationship progressed. Or celebrate the success of a company with a sand art story that follows a  timeline of key company milestones. A company logo or product could feature in the sand art story too.

5. Is it possible to watch the sand art live?

Yes, a live sand art performance is possible. Please enquire for more details.

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