The Dance Mob - Spooky Priest Stilt Statues

Priest Halloween Human Statues

Sensational Halloween themed entertainment will turn heads and captivate guests.
Delivering a spooky show that showcases our phenomenal stilt performers.
Fantastic stilt act that'll keep guests refreshed and on their toes.
Sensational living statues ideal for private parties, themed occasions, ceremonies, etc.
Amazing priest costumed performers available for booking across the UK.

Priest Halloween Human Statues PHOTOS

Book our exceptional and spooky stilt performers and treat your guests to an exhilarating Halloween themed entertainment experience, as our creepy and haunting priest inspired living statues come to life at your special event or social gathering. A fun themed stilt act that is sure to keep your guests on their toes, as our exceptional stilt performers hang around loosely throughout your venue. Bound to leave behind lasting impressions, guests are sure to love our creepy entertainment option as they mix and mingle with our phenomenal stilt performers. 

Offering a variety of options, our fantastic and talented spooky stilt performers and stilt act are available in pairs, and are a great option to have stood throughout a venue to make for amazing photo opportunities and jump scare moments. Our exceptional priest living statues will deliver a wonderful Halloween themed entertainment experience just for your upcoming special occasion, and will ensure your guests stay engaged and entertained from start to finish. A perfect option for a unique welcoming party, the interaction between our living statues and guests is sure to be a fun sight. 

Our exceptional Halloween themed entertainment experience features masterfully crafted costumes that are both very simple yet intricate in design, and are made to send the most chills and fears into your guests. A truly exciting interactive entertainment option that is exciting and sure to leave a "wow" factor quality seal of approval at your upcoming themed special event! The ideal Halloween based entertainment option for private parties, PR stunts, corporate functions, gala dinners, drink receptions, themed occasions, family days, festivals, and much more. 

If you are interested in treating your guests to our exceptional and spooky Halloween themed stilt performers at your upcoming special event, contact any of our amazing entertainment experts here at Scarlett Entertainment who will assist you with your booking needs.

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