Roaming Ocean Characters

Roaming ocean characters bring the wonder and mystery of the ocean to your event.
Fantastic performers with breath taking costumes inspired by classical sea creatures and the surrealist art of Salvador Dali.
Amazing stilt walkers combine roaming entertainment, circus performance and absurd street art for a unique and stunning spectacle.
nteractive roaming characters will engage and entertain your guests with their ocean themed games and antics.
Book this incredible walkabout act for festivals, parades and events across Spain and worldwide.

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Book our fantastical roaming ocean characters and bring the mystery and wonder of the deep blue sea to your festival, street fair or event. These fantastic stilt walkers come in an array of marvellous costumes themed around the Mediterranean ocean to inspire and capture the imagination of your guests.

Our magical sea creatures and monsters of the deep are the perfect addition to any circus or festival and are sure to make a splash with any audience. This walkabout act will enthral and amaze crowds of all ages with their amazing costumes and entertaining circus performances. Book our roaming characters and bring the drama and exotic sights of the Mediterranean to your guests. 

Our incredible stilt walkers will make a unique and attention grabbing attraction to any event with their wonderful sea creature costumes inspired by the surreal art of Salvador Dali and the monsters of the deep from classical mythology.

Their incredible and highly interactive performance blends absurd humour, circus performance and street art into a mesmerising and bizarre act your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off. Our colourful roaming characters will mingle with the crowd and invite passers-by to join in their amusing games and jokes.

Our roaming ocean characters are also talented circus performers and will make a high impact visual show with their array of talents. This incredible and interactive show will bring a magical atmosphere to your event as the incredible characters play and laugh with your guests. A sure delight for children and adults alike, make sure to book our brilliant and unique walkabout act for your event. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers you the best and most unique walkabout entertainment  to create the perfect ambiance to suit your event.

Contact our helpful team to arrange booking one of our brilliant acts. 

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