Laura Rodríguez Reina - Dancer

Spanish Contemporary Dancer

Versatile female dancer can perform a diverse dance show merging styles from flamenco to ballet
Can create innovative choreographies and bespoke routines as a soloist or with other dancers
Graceful flamenco dancer who can add a true taste of Spain to your event or Spanish-theme party
Have performed at luxury hotels in Qatar and Doha and small and large venues all around the world
This sensational Spanish Contemporary Dancer is based in Seville and available worldwide

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Looking for a multifaceted performer who can execute different dance styles? Then this Spanish Contemporary Dancer is what your event needs. Either as a graceful flamenco dancer or as a sophisticated ballerina, this versatile artist will deliver a vibrant dance performance that will really impress audiences.

By booking this graceful flamenco dancer, you can add a true taste of Spain to your event. Attaired in traditional and colourful long-tail flamenco dresses, our sensational Spanish Contemporary Dancer will offer a vibrant dance performance full of passion and drama.

Our versatile female dancer can also perform another beautiful enchanting dance form. She will change her big shawls, castagnettes and tap-dancing for ballet pointe shoes and tutus and perform beautiful pirouettes, leaps and turns. Her mesmerising ballet routines can add a touch of sophistication and elegance that will leave guests bewitched.

This exceptional talented performer can also create a diverse dance show that is a fusion of traditional and modern styles. Tremendously creative, our wonderful ballerina can create custom choreographies with music of your preference and come up with original and fresh ideas for your event.

Extremely versatile, our Spanish Contemporary Dancer is suitable for a wide range of events. She can be the perfect cultural entertainment option for Spanish or Flamenco theme parties or corporate events. She can also adapt her innovative choreographies to be part of a variety show or create bespoke routines with other dancers or live musicians.

Always executing her diverse dance show with elegance and charm, her beautiful, engaging and expressive performances will be the icing on the cake of any occasion. Her talent and audience-engaging shows have captivated audiences at small and large venues in places like Qatar, Doha, Macau and Cyprus.

Scarlett Entertainment has years of experience providing world-class entertainment for events worldwide and has a comprehensive list of dancers that can fit your event’s theme.

Contact our in-house team of experienced entertainment coordinators and request further details on this act. They’ll be happy to answer all the questions you may have.

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