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Stage Magician Cyprus

Multi-talented illusionist transforms into his alter ego when he gets on stage
His mystery magic shows combine mind reading, hypnosis, grand illusions, etc.
Can customise his performances and add an inspirational/motivational speech for corporate events and conferences
Ideal corporate event entertainment also suitable for festivals, gala dinners, ceremonies, etc.
This Stage Magician from Cyprus is available for bookings worldwide

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This Stage Magician from Cyprus is guaranteed to cause many jaws to drop with his incredible mystery magic show, a spectacle that mixes mind-blowing magic tricks with hypnosis, mind reading, escapologist, and many more!

When this corporate event illusionist gets on stage, he transforms into his alter ego, a mystery character that usually wears eccentric steampunk goggles and costumes. On top of that, our performer regularly covers his face with a mask, which adds more mysticism to the aura of mystery that surrounds his performances.

His dangerous stunts, mentalist and hypnosis demonstrations have been designed for adult audiences, but they can easily be modified so they’re suitable for audiences of all ages. Our magician’s grand illusions shows are ideal for spectators of any nationality, as there is no language barrier to overcome. Our illusionist can adapt his acts to different performances spaces and types of events.

This versatile magic specialist is also a talented escapologist, hypnotist and mind reader. Happy to customise his stage magic acts to suit your event specific requirements, this stage illusionist can combine grand illusions and stunts with an inspirational and motivational speech, ideal for corporate events and conferences.

A well-known specialist in Cyprus, this multi-talented magician participated in ‘The Next Uri Geller Show’ and has also participated in numerous TV shows in Cyprus and Greece.

Suitable for a broad range of occasions, this corporate event illusionist has experience performing for both small and large audiences at corporate events, gala dinners, ceremonies, festivals and many other celebrations.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide variety of grand illusions shows for events and occasions all over the world.

If you would like to book this sensational Stage Magician from Cyprus, contact us today and make an enquiry. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Specialists will be happy to provide further details on this corporate event illusionist and guide you through the booking process.


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