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Stage Magician France

Incredible magic stage show will dazzle and amaze audiences
Spectacular stage magician performs suspenseful and nail biting large scale illusions and tricks
Magic duo deliver a suspenseful and engaging show full of classic tricks with a modern style and charisma
Has performed for nearly 30 years and wowed audiences in prestigious venues such as Opera Bastille, Grand Theatre Sorbonne, and Palace of Mutuality
Amazing illusionist available for shows, theatres and events across Europe

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Book this spectacular stage magician for a visually dazzling and inventive performance that will leave your guests stunned. Our brilliant magic stage show will have audiences spellbound with his fantastic show that’s brimming with fantastic large scale illusions and tricks to amaze and entertain. Our magic duo put on a thrilling and dramatic performance that’s full of jaw dropping moments and mystifying tricks that will have audiences baffled.

Guests of any age will be delighted by this supremely talented magician and his stylish and suspenseful show. Book our illusionist for stage shows, corporate events, dinner parties and events in hotels, restaurants and theatres all over Europe and experience the wonder and awe of one of the top stage magicians in the business.

This exceptionally talented magic duo have been performing together since 1987, honing their magic stage show into a magnificent spectacle full of grand illusions and large scale magic tricks to dazzle and amaze audiences. Their superb show features classic heart-stopping illusions including levitation, sawing in half and escape acts all performed with a fresh and dynamic modern edge to give audiences a show like nothing they’ve seen before.

Our stage magician is a master showman and his theatrical style will draw audiences in to his world of mystery and illusion. The range of ingenious and nail biting tricks our illusionist performs is staggering, and his show also incorporates touches of wry humour and plenty of chances for audience members –adults and children alike- to get up on stage.

Book this fantastic magician for a stylish and thrilling night of magic that’s had audiences raving in prestigious venues like Opera Bastille, Grand Theatre Sorbonne and Palace of Mutuality.

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