Michael Antoniou

Swing Jazz Singer

A swing and jazz singer with a difference that will delight your guests
Covers the greatest hits of Sinatra, Elvis, Dean Martin and more
Can also perform as a singing waiter for special events
Ideal entertainment for your wedding, party, themed function, etc.
Based in Cyprus and available to perform at events worldwide

Swing Jazz Singer VIDEOS

Swing Jazz Singer PHOTOS

Performing with warmth and charisma, our sensational swing and jazz singer Michael will wow the crowds at your event as he covers beloved classics with his own unique style and incredible vocals.

Singing greatest hits from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Perry Como, as well as popular tracks from Barry White, Eric Clapton, Adele, Bill Withers and more, Michael will create the ideal atmosphere at your event, full of sophistication and style.

Also available to perform as a singing waiter at your event for added entertainment value, our fantastic swing and jazz singer will not disappoint, bringing passion and professionalism to every performance.

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