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Tailored Halloween Acts

A whole range of Halloween themed entertainment for your spooky event
Our Tailored Halloween Acts allow you to pick and choose the perfect scary entertainment for your event
Flesh eating zombies, friendly pumpkins, twisted circus performers, vampire dancers, freaky fire acts and more
Go dark and unnerving with adult entertainment, or choose sweet Halloween walkabout characters for family-friendly fun
Based in Leeds, UK, our Halloween performers are available for international bookings

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Looking for spook-tastic Halloween walkabout characters to create a lasting impression at your party or event? Look no further than our customisable Tailored Halloween Acts that allow you to create the perfect performance. 

Bringing together a collective of talented and experienced artists, our Halloween Performers can offer everything from dark, ghoulish and scary entertainment, to costumed dancers, twisted circus acts, and fun interactive walkabout characters. 

Perfect for grown-up parties, club events and more, our costumed dancers can offer many styles from breakdance to ballet and everything in between. With chilling make-up looks and sexy costumes, this is scary entertainment that is sure to entrance!

Or why not consider a collection of Halloween walkabout characters, stilt walkers and interactive roaming performers? Choose from witches, inflatable pumpkin heads, vampires, flesh-eating zombies, Day of the Dead skeletons and more. Our Halloween performers can meet and greet guests, hand out candy, and make them jump with their antics! They also make fantastic photo opportunities.

A scarily costumed flash mob can make a real impact. Watch as monstrous characters dance in synch to the iconic Thriller, or create your own bespoke choreography.

A twisted circus is a glamorous way to achieve scary entertainment. High-end costumes, breathtaking aerial skills, and freaky contortion acts add a luxurious spin on Halloween themed entertainment. Let your imagination run wild!

Scarlett Entertainment offers a whole range of Halloween performers and scary entertainment ready to freak out your guests in the UK, Europe, US, Asia and beyond. Discover more of our Halloween themed entertainment for inspiring options that are sure to get your heart racing.

To book our Tailored Halloween Acts to create a spooky spectacle at your next event, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts who will be happy to advise you on all your Halloween themed entertainment needs. 

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