Jason Latimer - Speaker (magic)

Tech & Innovation Speaker

A highly intelligent, multi-skilled grand illusionist & innovative speaker
Expert on innovation, technology, future, science & entertainment
Over 12 years experience giving interesting & engaging speeches
Perfect for technology events & conferences, TV, keynotes & more
Based in Los Angeles & available to perform at events worldwide

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Not only a World Champion of Magic and highly revered within the magic community, this individual is also a renowned technology and innovation speaker with over 12 years of experience. 

With an education that spans across chemistry, applied physics, psychology, mathematics and economics, and practical experience using theories from each of these disciplines to create incredible illusions, he is well placed to speak about these topics in-depth and on an intellectual level. 

Passionate about finding out exactly what is possible, he has completed research in applied science, which includes teleportation via quantum tunnelling, adaptive camouflage and levitation with superconductors and quantum locking. 

He can adapt his speeches to incorporate specific topics, learning objectives and anecdotes to suit your specific needs. 

His excitement for science, innovation and technology makes him and engaging and interesting speaker, and his real life experience adds a relatable depth to his speeches. Inspiring to listen to, and to watch, this speaker is perfect for technology events and exhibitions, futurist conferences, TV shows and keynote addresses.

Expert Topics:

Thought Leadership
Entertainment & Science