Tribe of Mog - The Twigling Trolls

The Twigling Trolls

Will bring a world of fantasy and enchantment to your event
Guaranteed to entertain with slapstick comedy routines
Fantastic handmade costumes for an authentic touch
Ideal for street parades, festivals, fairs and themed events
Based in Devon and Cornwall and available to perform at events worldwide

The Twigling Trolls PHOTOS

Although these two unusual characters may appear scary at first, they will soon convince you otherwise when you witness their incompetent fumbling and general buffoonery. Minions of the dark lord who have recently found themselves unemployed since his downfall, the Twigling Trolls have left behind the forests and swamps in search of work.

Pleading with your guests to give them a job, this pair will ultimately reveal that while they’re enthusiastic workers, they generally have a knack for messing things up, seeming to fail at the most simple of tasks. Guaranteed to attract crowds and leave everyone laughing, this act are perfect if you’re looking to add humour to your event, bringing with them a unique and fantastical element that is sure to leave an impression.