Dan the Hat

UK Family Friendly Entertainer

A versatile comedy entertainer with many different acts
His hilarious live show includes family friendly audience participation
Skills include hat manipulation, ball spinning, yoyo tricks, live stunts and Victorian style juggling
Comedy stuntman is perfect for parties, street festivals and shopping mall entertainment
This UK Family Entertainer is available to perform in the UK and worldwide

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Our UK Family Entertainer will have all of the guests at your event laughing and having fun while he performs his family-friendly, highly skilled and crazy show. A comedian, a stuntman and masterful juggler. There isn't much that our family entertainer cannot do, whether he is flying through a ring of fire on his bicycle, performing world-class hat manipulation or juggling kids, our family entertainer will have your guests laughing non-stop.

Keen to always get the audience involved in his act, our family entertainer will pick volunteers at random....whether they like it or not!

Our international UK family entertainer has an incredible skill set, he has a variety of acts including his world-class Hat Manipulation, Ball Spinning & Yoyo-ing, The Stupid Stuntshow and his Victorian penny farthing riding Gentleman Juggler. 

In his action-packed stunt show, anything can happen. One man and his mini BMX attempts to rid the world of the mundane, cycling through a ring of fire, avoiding swinging arms of boxing glove wielding kids. Watch kids gasp in disbelief as our international UK based family entertainer throws a melon high up in the air and catches it on a spikey helmet. Will one of your guests put their bravery to the test in one of our entertainer's exciting challenges? 

Featured act in the comedy live show: 

  • Comedian & juggler - stage, street, or walkabout.
  • Comedian & stuntman - stage or street
  • Victorian gentleman juggling show - gentleman juggler with penny-farthing light up bike can be performed as a double act.
  • Victorian magic and manipulation - magic & manipulation (ride about act) 

Top Tip:
Our UK based International Family Entertainer is available to hire across the UK and internationally.

To find out more about how to book our family-friendly entertainer contact our team of Entertainment Specialists. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a variety of family-friendly entertainers across the globe.

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