Virtual Halloween Happy Hour

Virtual Halloween Happy Hour

Hosted online, this 60-minute workshop adds a spooky spin on traditional cocktail making plus foodie treats: perfect for a team happy hour
Guests will learn how to create a Black Magic Margarita using only natural ingredients, plus tips on how to apply this to other popular drinks
Your host will then show attendees how to make pumpkin spice bites: delicious treats with a chilling kick to the tastebuds and learn garnishing tips
On request, the cocktail recipe can be easily adapted to a mocktail making ain a great option for family-friendly get-togethers
This themed virtual happy hour is great for online team events and offers a chance for remote groups to get together and enjoy a chat while learning

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What's in the kit?
50ml tequila, lime, sugar, black lava salt, activated charcoal powder, dried orange slice. Truffle ingredients: almond flour, pumpkin spice, cacao powder, nut/seed butter, cacao nibs, coconut, honey and hemp seeds, plus a printed recipe. Kits can be shipped within the USA.

Sessions and Set-up
Our Halloween Happy Hour is live-streamed over Zoom or an alternative video-conferencing platform. The set-up allows for interaction between our host and guests. Using two cameras our host offers a clear view with guests able to view close-ups of her hands making this themed workshop easy to follow.

The number of guests attending is subject to the video platform you are using. Please note, the number of attendees will impact the level of interaction possible with this host.

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