DNA - Virtual Show

Virtual Mindreading Duo: DNA

Captivate online guests with a unique mindreading and magic experience
With over 20 million online views these former Britains Got Talent finalists will blow guests minds with their incredible telepathic abilities
Incredibly interactive, guests are encouraged to make decisions about places, colours etc. that our mindreaders then build into their predictions
This show truly tests the spectator's extrasensory perception where their free choices identically match those made by the performer
Highly customisable this online show can incorporate your company logo or even a corporate message.

Virtual Mindreading Duo: DNA PHOTOS


1. How does this show work?
This virtual mind reading show is a live-streamed experience allowing for high levels of interaction between the performers and event guests. The performers both stream the show from dedicated performance areas in their individual homes using built-in iMac cameras capable of delivering  HD quality footage. With a large number of mindreading tricks and illusions at their fingertips, each show is different and online guests can expect anything from the divination of a freely thought of playing card to our performers correctly predicting the details of a journey that any audience member has imagined.

2. How long is each session?

The set length can be adapted for your specific event requirements but these shows typically run for 30 minutes.

3. Do guests need anything to participate?

All guests will need is a device to watch the show on and a strong internet connection. As the host, you will also need access to a suitable video conferencing platform for your chosen number of guests 
4. Is this interactive?
Absolutely! The mindreaders will be constantly asking different audience members to make decisions to help with the tricks and they will be invited to unmute their microphones and interact with the performers on screen so all the participants can hear the decisions being made.  This show can have any number of participants watching (subject to your video conferencing platform) and a 30-minute performance will typically include up to 12 different participants in the tricks.



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