New Shoots virtual photography workshops

Virtual Photography Workshops

Two top-class London photographers demonstrate how to take stunning photographs with either DSLR cameras or your smartphone!
They have two unique virtual workshops to offer: DSLR Camera Workshops or Instagram Photography Workshops
Their online sessions on either DSLR or smartphone photography can focus on the images themselves and on maximising impact on social media
They will guide you through the basics of composition and technique as well as how to tell your own story in your own unique visual style
Available for both in-person workshops, as either a walkabout or in an event setting, and virtual workshops live-streamed to anywhere in the world

Virtual Photography Workshops VIDEOS

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1. What can I expect from this workshop?

This virtual photography workshop is a live-streamed experience over Zoom or an alternative video conferencing platform. During the workshop, our hosts will cover exciting topics such as lighting, composition and will even demonstrate how to create an effective Flatlay for Instagram amongst many other topics. Each session will end with a Q&A with the professional photographs

2. What will guests need to participate?

To take part in this workshop guests will need a device to watch the live-stream on, a strong internet connection, a smartphone or DSLR camera (depending on the workshop) and some props to photograph. These could be items that are easy to find around the house such as some fruit, vegetables or flowers. 

3. How many can take part in this workshop?

To allow for lots of audience interaction this class is best suited for between 4 - 10 guests at once

4. How long is this workshop?

This workshop typically lasts for 60 minutes, which is plenty of time for lots of tips and tricks and to practice your own photography

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