Virtual Very British Bingo

Virtual Very British Bingo

British themed musical Bingo takes place on Zoom and is great fun for virtual events and virtual corporate parties
Join our typically British host for an evening of fun virtual entertainment or upgrade with our British comedians
Our virtual Bingo includes music from British icons including the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse
With an add-on option of a Custom intro message for your company from one of our top HM the Queen lookalikes
Add a British themed drinks and food package to be delivered to your guests to enjoy throughout the virtual bingo game

Virtual Very British Bingo VIDEOS


1. What can I expect from Very British Bingo?

This is an interactive online event experience hosted over Zoom (although other video conferencing platforms will also be considered). This interactive virtual game takes a classic game of bingo and gives it a fun British themed twist that will take guests on a whistle-stop tour of Britain! Each player will receive a bingo card full of clues - these could be names of famous Brits, Royal Titles, weird British foods, slang terms and other words that relate to visual clues in the videos. The bingo game is played in rounds and will include trivia, picture clues, video montages that players will have to pay close attention to so that they can try to check off the clues on their bingo cards. The first person to check off all their clues wins!

The whole event is hosted by a live, charismatic host who can give clues and chat with guests for that extra personal touch, maximising engagement and interaction. 

 2. Is this interactive?

Absolutely! Not only are guests actively engaged in trying to spot the clues in the rounds but we can also include an additional 'scavenger hunt' round where guests are challenged to dress up Union Jack Colours or as HRH Queen Elizabeth II

3. How long is the game?

This virtual bingo game typically lasts up to 60 minutes but this can be adapted to better suit your event requirements.

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