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Acrobatic Water Bowl Twins

Sensational water acrobatic duo will make audiences wonder if they’re seeing double
Perfectly synchronised routines are customisable and can be adapted to bigger shows
Duo is always happy to welcome artists on stage and perform with live music and other performers
Perfect water acrobatic show for festivals, concerts, galas, ceremonies, theatres, themed events, etc.
Our sensational Acrobatic Water Bowl Twins are based in Germany and available for bookings worldwide

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Would you like to book a water bowl act for your event and you’re looking for one that offers something really unique? Then look no further. Don’t rub your eyes because you’re not seeing double: this water acrobatic show is performed not by one but by two artists: the Acrobatic Water Bowl Twins!

This artistic water bowl duo always amazes audiences wherever they go. Perfectly choreographed, our water acrobatic duo’s dynamic routines are the treat for the eyes. A display of flexibility and balance, this water acrobatic show is customisable and adaptable to different performance spaces and situations. It can even be adjusted to be part of bigger productions or variety shows.

Our acrobats interwine their bodies in such way that it seems one. Their poetic symbiosis is truly captivating and it makes crowds at festivals and audiences at any event burst into applause every time they finish a figure

Always happy to share the limelight with other artists, our water acrobatic duo regularly shares the stage with live musicians and other circus performers. An ideal way to break the ice at concerts, this water acrobatic show has entertained crowds at numerous festivals and has been the opening acts of numerous artists.

This water acrobatic show is the perfect entertainment for a wide range of events. From festivals to ceremonies, our water bowl duo has performed at numerous concerts, exhibitions, galas, ceremonies and many other special celebrations.

Top Tip:

You can also book only one acrobat for your event. Check our Water Bowl Act Germany page and find out more about this event entertainment option. 

At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing high-end entertainment for events in Germany and all over the world.

To book our phenomenal Acrobatic Water Bowl Twins, contact us today and ask to speak to one of our Entertainment Specialists. They will be delighted to answer all the questions you may have about this water acrobatic duo and provide assistance throughout the booking process.

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