Anna De Martino

Belly Dancer Sydney

Italian dancer providing Arabic entertainment in Australia
Highly experienced belly dance with multiple costumes and performance options
Great for weddings, after-dinner shows and corporate events
Extensive training in multiple cultural dance styles
Based in Sydney and available throughout Australia

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Immerse your guests into a Middle Eastern experience with some top quality Arabic entertainment at the hands of our tantalising Belly Dancer Sydney. This very talented female dancer is well expertised in a wide variety of dance styles and has been specialising as a belly dancer for many years. 

Based in Sydney, the belly dancer has a fantastic collection of magnificent costumes for the client to choose from and the ability to perform different styles of belly dance. These can include there use of isis wings, candles, fans and the world famous sword dance. Her dance performances are accompanied a range of Egyptian, Oriental and Arabic music. 

Originally from Italy, our talented female dancer is a fully qualified belly dance instructor who could give your guests a taster session or two as part of an interactive entertainment experience. The multi-talented female dancer also has extensive training in multiple styles such as tango, right through to Afro-Haitian dance.  

Our Belly Dancer Sydney has been working in some of the city’s most important clubs, private parties and restaurants. This form of Arabic entertainment can be enjoyed in a wide variety of environments and is especially great for themed events or after-dinner parties. 

The perfect Arabic entertainment for various event types, Belly Dancer Sydney can deliver an exhilarating performance for you. Please contact us at Scarlett Entertainment to find out more. 


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