Barre Neirynck - BMX stunt rider

BMX Stunt Rider

Jaw-dropping spinning tricks, flips and turns executed by an extremely skilled flatland BMX rider
BMX stunt shows can be fully customised with music of your choice and adapted to different spaces
Happy to create and perform shows alongside other BMX riders and also offer workshops
Perfect half time entertainment for sporting events and competitions, ceremonies, dinner shows, marketing and advertising campaigns, etc.
This BMX Stunt Rider is based in Belgium and available for bookings worldwide

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Amaze crowds at your upcoming big event with the incredible tricks and impossible stunts performed by this BMX Stunt Rider, an extremely skilled extreme sports specialist who never fails to impress!

Executing breathtaking stunts, our flatland BMX rider can drop the jaws of audiences of any age. His crazy positions and fast spinning combinations with and without hands never disappoint! Taking audiences into the exciting world of urban sport, this talented flatland BMX artist delivers a high-impact stage performance that audiences will never forget.

Happy to perform both indoors and outdoors, our performer can adapt his BMX stunt show to different spaces. On top of that, this flatland BMX rider can ask other stunt specialists to join him for some performances and together they can create truly unforgettable opening acts and other spectacles!

Having wowed audiences all across Europe and the Middle East, this rider has performed at numerous events worldwide including several Red Bull shows.

A popular half time entertainment option, this flatland BMX rider is an in-demand entertainer for events such as sporting competitions, award ceremonies, dinner shows and also street celebrations and festivals, to name a few. Also perfect for advertising and marketing purposes, BMX stunt shows are an ideal way to promote a new product.

Top Tip:

Our flatland BMX artist can provide workshops and teach all those interested in this urban sport some basic BMX tricks.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of stunt acts and half time entertainment options for events and occasions in Belgium and all over the world.

Contact us today to enquire about this BMX Stunt Rider. Our in-house team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this flatland BMX artist and assist you in the booking process.