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Bob Marley Tribute Show

A dynamic group of eight reggae live musicians who pay tribute to Bob Marley
Their repertoire includes famous tunes such as ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, ‘Natural Mystic’ and the world-famous ‘No Woman No Cry’
Led by a talented male singer whose energy and passion for the late icon are highly contagious
Ideal live music entertainment for festivals, private parties, theme occasions, and many more
London-based and available for bookings all around the world

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Reggae fans in general and Bob Marley fans in particular will love the live performance offered by this fantastic Bob Marley tribute band. Leaded by a talented male singer, this band also features an all-female backing vocal trio and other fantastic reggae live musicians whose energy and passion is highly contagious.

Our Bob Marley tribute band consists of eight energetic and passionate reggae live musicians who are especially enthusiastic about Bob Marley’s legacy and are committed to pass it on as authentically as possible. The lead singer bares a close resemblance to the famous reggae icon, which will definitely make people believe they’re witnessing a genuine Bob Marley and The Wailers performance.

Highly influenced by the Jamaican reggae band, Caribbean rhythms and rebellious lyrics, this Bob Marley Tribute Show pays tribute to one of the most beloved artist in the planet. However, they also make sure their personality and the band’s identity is reflected in each one of their performances.

Their repertoire includes some of the most famous tunes by the reggae icon and his band The Wailers such as ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, ‘Natural Mystic’ and the world-famous ‘No Woman No Cry’. Our reggae live musicians are guaranteed to make listeners’ hair stand on end with their versions of these famous anthems.

This group of reggae live musicians is based in London and are available for performances all around the UK and the world. They’re the ideal live music entertainment for festivals and private parties that require a band that evokes the spirit of one of the most iconic singers of all times and his Jamaican reggae band.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a wide variety of tribute bands and lookalikes for events and parties held all around the world.

If you’re interested in booking this phenomenal Bob Marley Tribute Show, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our entertainment coordinators today and make an enquiry. Our wonderful team of experts will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.



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