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Bosnian Jazz Band

Effervescent modern Jazz quintet from Eastern Europe
Plays jazz standards, original compositions and rev’d up swing rock arrangements
An upbeat modern Jazz band with a unique sound
Alternative live music entertainment to impress your guests
Based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and available for events worldwide

Bosnian Jazz Band VIDEOS

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A truly fascinating modern Jazz band from Southeastern Europe with a totally effervescent stage presence and a abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Our Bosnian Jazz band have been together a few years a created a unique sound that has lead to much appraisal and good critiques. Made up of drums, bass, guitar and saxophone, the contemporary Jazz band is fronted by an enigmatic front woman with an incredible voice. 

The quintet are a very contemporary Jazz band with a very fresh and modern sound. They can, and will, play Jazz standards, but would much rather put the songs through their own musical filter so that they end up sounding different to the originals. You can expect to hear the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone even Jewel Brown and Billie Holiday alongside many of their own compositions and rev’d up swing rock arrangements.

The very motivated quintet represented an organisation called Playing For Change in Bosnia and Herzegovina and they have hosted two of their very own festivals in Sarajevo. They have performed in many Eastern European countries and gained a lot of praise for their unique sound.

If you’re looking for a jazz band that is also a breath of fresh air, a Jazz band that stands out above the rest and is fresh and new, Then look no further that our Bosnian Jazz Band. They are perfect for many events types from private parties, and after dinner shows to bars, clubs and restaurants. 

Contact our team of Entertainment Coordinators if your would like to book the Jazz quintet for your next event.



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