Magma Showgirls - Cowgirls

Cowgirl Showgirls

Glamorous cowgirl showgirls in custom western costumes
Tantalising dance show with amazing choreography will transport guests to a wild west themed Vegas style party
Showgirl dancers make a great addition to themed occasions events or VIP parties
Exciting modern dance act with a fun soundtrack
Based in the Ukraine and available internationally

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We are here to help you find the perfect showgirl dancers for your themed occasion, event or VIP party and luckily here at Scarlett Entertainment we have an amazing selection to choose from. Our stunning Ukrainian cowgirl showgirls bring the all the excitement, thrills and glamour of Las Vegas and the symbolisation of the wild west with a tantalising dance show performed to a contemporary soundtrack.

The beautiful showgirl dancers’ dance act is a very modern and professionally choreographed routine backed by a selection of self-produced remixes of popular songs like the Macarena. They are available with variety of custom made wild west and western inspired costumes. These costumes are visually exciting and make the dance show very invigorating to watch. A fantastic addition to a cowboy, western or wild west themed party or event and is guaranteed to be a show stopper. The showgirls’ performance will be the highlight of your event and make it a memorable one.

The cowgirl showgirls are experts at entertaining an audience. They will customise their performance to the clients’ specifics and will adapt their routine to suit the event. They will help shaped the dance act and suggest which outfit to wear. The highly skilled showgirls will even choreograph an entirely new routine to satisfy customer needs. Bookable for themed events or parties, the showgirl dancers are more than happy to incorporate music of your choice into their dance show making the whole performance more personal.

Our glamorous cowgirl showgirls are the perfect addition to VIP parties, corporate events or special occasions and a sure fire hit with the guests. They have experience performing their dance act at the Golden Palace Casino in Georgia as well as travelling in Europe, China, Thailand, and Russia.

To book our incredible showgirl dancers and their high energy dance show, speak to one of our team at Scarlett Entertainment.


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