Egyptian Dance

Egyptian And Arabian Dancers

Stunning Egyptian and Arabian dance show to impress the audience with traditional entertainment
Genuine Arabian entertainment with Egyptian and Arabic folk dances and the stunning Sufi dance
Professional male and female dancers with years of experience
Ideal for Arabian nights themed entertainment, corporate events, conferences and parties
Based in Egypt and available internationally

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At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves of providing the best entertainment. We have a diverse range of modern contemporary and totally unique dance acts and as well as traditional entertainment like our Egyptian dance show. These are professional dancers with a wealth of experience and are really going to impress with their dynamic and high energy dance show. Be sure to watch both videos to get the full representation of this Arabian Entertainment.
This genuine Arabian entertainment comprises of professional male and female dancers in brightly coloured traditional and non traditional costumes. The impressive dance show encompasses a variety of belly dancing, group dances and the stunning Sufi dance. The Sufi dance originates from Islamic Sufi rituals and see the performers spin incredibly fast with skirt like outfits. The faster they spin to more mesmorising and the less they look like people. Other high energy dances include the jumping Hagala and the playful Saidi stick dance.

This is a fully adaptable traditional entertainment dance show. They will customise their routine to suit your requirements making it longer or shorter with more or less dancers and are able to pick specific dances for you.

This dance show is perfect for Arabian nights themed entertainment and will really impress the guests with their traditional entertainment. This kind of Arabian entertainment is also ideal for captivating audiences at corporate events, conferences, parties, weddings and award ceremonies. They have experience working in theme parks, global entertainment spots, hotels and international festivals and TV shows. They have performed all over the world including Malta, Lebanon, Libya, Greece, Algeria, Turkey, Croatia, Cyprus and China.

If you are looking for some traditional entertainment for an Arabian nights themed event look no further. Or, if you’re looking to bring the excitement of Arabic entertainment to your event this has it all.

Speak to one of our team at Scarlett Entertainment who are more than happy to help.

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