Gloria Medone - Female Spanish Guitarist

Female Acoustic Guitarist

Accomplished female guitar player delight listeners with both classical and contemporary music
Graduared from Buenos Aires Music Conservatory, this Guitar virtuoso is also a Doctor in Musical Arts
Happy to fully adapt her repertoire to meet your needs and share the stage with other artists or ensembles such as orchestras
Perfect live music entertainment for weddings, receptions, corporate evenings, dinners, private parties, etc.
This Female Acoustic Guitarist is based in Tenerife and available for bookings across Spain and internationally

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Delight listeners at your upcoming event or special celebration with acoustic guitar music played by this talented Female Acoustic Guitarist, an academically trained musician with a wealth of experience in the music and entertainment industry.

A guitar virtuoso, this female guitar player is not only an experienced musician but also a Doctor of Musical Arts. Graduated from Buenos Aires Music Conservatory, this Argentine female guitar player also completed a Masters in Arts Theory in La Laguna University (Tenerife) and also has a phD in Musicology from University of Oviedo (Asturias). 

Currently based in the Canary Islands, this musician has collaborated with numerous musical projects and musicians from the islands and other countries. Happy to share the stage with other artists, this solo guitar player regularly collaborates with Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, Principal de Asturias Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra of Argentine Parliament, among other ensembles. 

As a musicologist, this female guitar player has given several lectures on theory of performance in France, the UK and Spain. Truly passionate about music in general and acoustic guitar music in particular, our guitarist has made several recordings and organised multiple seminars to share her passion.

Happy to fully adapt her performances to suit your requirements, this solo guitar player can customise her set list to meet your needs and even play songs upon request. 

A popular live music entrainment option for a diverse variety of occasions, this solo guitar player is the perfect choice for weddings, corporate evenings, dinners, receptions, private parties and any other social gathering. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a broad range of live music entertainment for events in Spain and worldwide.

Book this sensational Female Acoustic Guitarist by getting in touch with us today. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this female guitar player and assist you in the booking process.