Aire Flamenco

Flamenco Guitar & Vocal Duo

A vibrant and accomplished musical duo recreate the rich sounds of Spain
Cleverly combine original compositions with traditional material
Fuse fiery and complex guitar pieces with alluring vocals
Highly rhythmical style combining South American Rumbas and Tangos
Based in the UK and available to perform at events worldwide

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Originally hailing from Spain, our extremely talented Flamenco Guitar and Vocal Duo are a vibrant musical ensemble who bring the passion and drama of Flamenco to their mixture of Latin songs and instrumentals.

Lead singer Glenn performs in both Spanish and English; his voice is both powerful and soothing, whilst Juan is a highly accomplished guitarist, vocalist and composer.

Together the duo cleverly combine original compositions influenced by their stay in the UK with traditional material from Spain and South America. Fusing fiery and complex guitar pieces with alluring vocals, they produce the most natural and beautiful close harmonies, typical of traditional flamenco pieces.

Their highly rhythmical style combines South American Rumbas and Tangos to complex Andalusian tempos in an upbeat show that is full of energy and humour. Perfect for a broad range of events, these talented musicians are sure to entertain audiences with their contagious energy and beautifully authentic music.

Contact one of our Scarlett Entertainment Event Co-ordinators who will be happy to assist you in choosing the best act for your event.

  • Classical Guitar - Asturias ( Isaac Albeniz)
  • Classical Guitar - Concierto de aranjuez ( Juaquin rodrigo)
  • Classical Guitar - Fandanguillo ( torroba)
  • Classical Guitar - La catedral 2nd movement
  • Classical Guitar - Mantilla de feria ( Esteban de sanlucar)
  • Classical Guitar - Tango en sky ( Ronald dyens)
  • Classical Guitar - Zorongo (Garcia Lorca)
  • David Shepherd - Buleria Em
  • David Shepherd - Buleria de la calle
  • David Shepherd - Rumba a paco
  • Enrique de Melchor - TANGO
  • Gerardo Nunez - Paso Doble
  • Gerardo Nunez - Tango
  • Juan Casals Mendoza - Alegria a mi aire
  • Juan Casals Mendoza - Granadina de calatrava
  • Juan Casals Mendoza - Melodias robadas
  • Juan Casals Mendoza - Mi alma
  • Juan Casals Mendoza - Mi sentir
  • Juan Casals Mendoza - Michaela
  • Juan Martin - Rumba
  • Moraito - Persa
  • Paco de Lucia - Buleria/ Falsetas
  • Paco de Lucia - Entre dos aguas
  • Paco de Lucia - Fandangos
  • Paco de Lucia - Guajiras de lucia
  • Paco de Lucia - Maleguena
  • Paco de Lucia - Percusion flamenca
  • Serranto - Solea
  • Tomatito - Bulerias
  • Tomatito - Caminilo viejo ( Tango)
  • Tomatito - Tango
  • Vicente Amigo - Buleria  ( Gitano de lucia)
  • Vicente Amigo - Gallejon de la luna ( Tarantas)
  • Vicente Amigo - Morente ( Granadina)
  • Vicente Amigo - Solea
  • Vicente Amigo - Tangos de arco bajo ( Tango)
  • Vicente Amigo - Tio arrango (solea)
  • Vicente Amigo - Tres notas para decir te quiero
  • Vicente Amigo - Vivencias imaginadas ( zapateado)​
  • Flamenco Guitar Music
  • Camaron - Volando voy
  • Consuelo Velaquez - Besame mucho
  • Enrique Inglesias - Bailando
  • Enrique Inglesias - Heroe
  • Gypsy Kings - Bailame
  • Gypsy Kings - Bamboleiro
  • Gypsy Kings - De granada a casa blanca
  • Gypsy Kings - Volare
  • Gypsy Kings - Yo vi yo va
  • Gypsy Kings - You have a friend in me ( Toy story)
  • Juanes - A dios le pido
  • Juanes - Camisa negra
  • Julio Inglesias - Guantanamera
  • Lola Flores - Zarandonga
  • Mana/ Carlos Santana - Corazon espinado
  • Mana/ Carlos Santana
  • Manolo Escobar - Poromponpon
  • Melenda - Voy caminando por la vida
  • Ricky Martin - Un dos tres
  • Sergio Mendez - Mais que nada
  • Synergy - Cada momento
  • Synergy - Cada vez
  • Synergy - Defame mirar tus ojos
  • Synergy - Si tu quieres ser feliz​
  • Spanish Music

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