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Gypsy Flamenco & Rumba Band

Family band formed by flamenco and rumba musicians with Spanish and Catalonian origin
Live rumba band offers flexible and scalable lineup choices and musicians can be joined by dancers
Wide and fully customisable repertoire includes popular rumba songs and the band’s own original music
Traditional Spanish entertainment suitable for festivals, concerts, themed events, corporate galas, dinners, etc.
This Gypsy Flamenco and Rumba Band is based in New Caledonia and available for bookings worldwide

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If you’re looking for traditional Spanish entertainment for your upcoming event, then this Gypsy Flamenco and Rumba Band might be what your event needs!

A group of flamenco and rumba musicians originated in Southern France, this live rumba band is currently based in New Caledonia where they have brought their Spanish and Catalonian sound. Formed by family members, the band brings together two of the most traditional Spanish styles on one stage.

Offering flexible and scalable lineup choices, you can book two and up to ten flamenco and rumba musicians for your event. Led by an experienced guitar player, the band has been performing live for over twenty years. Welcoming new members every couple of years, these musicians are truly passionate about traditional Spanish entertainment in general and flamenco and rumba music in particular.

A band that enjoys sharing a piece of their rich cultural heritage with audiences from all around the world, our artists will be more than happy to work closely with you in order to create a set list that represent the most characteristic flamenco and rumba culture.

Suitable for a broad variety of occasions, traditional Spanish entertainment is the perfect choice for corporate events, festivals, concerts, themed occasions, cultural events, promotional events, and many more! Happy to fully customise their performance to suit your needs, these performers wi

Top Tip:

Our musicians can ask Spanish dancers to join them on stage for events requiring both live music and dancing.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of live music entertainment options for events and occasions in New Caledonia and worldwide.

If you’re interested in booking this Gypsy Flamenco and Rumba Band, then contact us today and make an enquiry. Our in-house team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about these flamenco and rumba musicians and assist you with your booking

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