JJVianello Live Band

Italian Live Band

Fantastic live band provides an electric live performance that'll keep your dance floor busy.
Incredible Italian singer that will turn heads and captivate guests of all ages.
Sensational big band will make your e vent a spectacular experience.
Hire live music show ideal for parties, weddings, gala dinners, theatre performances, etc.
Wonderful event band available for event booking throughout Italy and worldwide.

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If you are looking for a sensational Italian singer and event band that will turn heads, then our exceptional live band is exactly what you are looking for. Our skilled and professional big band boasts a fun live music show fronted by our amazing and original Italian singer that will provide your event with the wow factor you might be looking for. An incredible big band that will have your guests rushing to the dance floor to feel the extreme energy our male vocalist and live band brings to the table, performing a number of his own hits, our Italian singer will keep guests engaged and entertained as his event band performs.

Our outstanding live band offers exceptional levels of charisma and high energy that will surely captivate your guests both young and old. Creating a lively live music show for your guests to enjoy, our big band includes everything a raging live band should, a fun and energetic lead vocalist and a raging but bubbly backing band that grabs the attention of anyone watching them. Our event band's on stage antics and fantastic musicianship help their live music show win over audiences around the world, as well as allowing our big band to leave lasting impressions during their every show.

A professional and skilled live band, out event band boasts a vast assortment of songs our Italian singer can perform from that includes an array of his own Italian hits that have taken Italy by storm. Our versatile event band can tailor their high energy performance to fit most event themes and styles, helping our live band create unforgettable memories for your guests that will take your event into the spotlight. The ideal musical entertainment for wedding receptions, theatre performances, corporate events, private parties, gala dinners, music festivals, and many more.

Contact any of our sensational event experts here at Scarlett Entertainment if you're interested in booking our amazing Italian singer and high energy live band for your upcoming special occasion.


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