Drakonia - GOT Tournament

Knights Tournament

An exciting Medieval tournament inspired by famous TV shows
Performed by seven courageous riders wearing the appropriate protective armours and helmets
This live knight show involves battles between knights representing each family flag
Our unique characters can be special guests of this Medieval jousting display
This Knights Tournament is available for bookings in Catalonia and across Spain

Knights Tournament VIDEOS

Knights Tournament PHOTOS

If you’re organising an event based on the Middle Ages and are looking for the right Medieval themed entertainment for it, then look no further. This exciting live Knights Tournament is the perfect way to immerse audience’s in an authentic atmosphere.

Brave knights will compete against each other in an enthralling battle that will cause heads to roll – not literally though. Seven horses and professional riders will make audience’s hair stand on end with jaw-dropping stunts and dramatic animated fights. Wearing suitable protective clothing such as helmets and armours, our courageous combatants will make rowdy audiences cheer, applaud, whistle and boo with great passion and enthusiasm.

This Medieval jousting display can be the ideal entertainment option for Medieval themed occasions and parties. Enjoyed by both children and adults alike, this startling live knights show is widely applauded by fans, who get to feel as part of the fantasy universe created by our knights in shining armour.

Top Tip:

For greater authenticity, there are some special guests you can invite to witness this live Knights show. Jon Snow, Kahleesi, Tyrion Lannister and other Medieval Walkabout Characters can be among the audience. You can also offer a truly genuine Medieval experience by hiring decorative elements such as banner, flags, wooden structures and even soldiers.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a broad variety of Medieval themed entertainment for events and occasions all around the world.

To book this Knights Tournament, contact our wonderful team of entertainment experts today and make an enquiry. Our wonderful coordinators will be happy to provide further information on this Medieval jousting display and assist you in the booking process.


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