Jin Gang Xiaoshi

Kung Fu Tea Master

Kung Fu Tea Master performs astonishing martial arts-based traditional tea pouring
The fantastic Chinese tea ceremony with Kung Fu skills is amazing to watch
Wowed the judges on Italy’s Got Talent and performed in over 16 countries
Act promotes ancient traditions whilst entertaining audiences
Based in Italy and available for events worldwide

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Our totally incredible Kung Fu Tea Master will blow you away with something you have probably never seen before. Dressed in authentic clothing and equipped with a long-funnelled teapot, he delivers an astonishing martial arts-based tea pouring show based on a traditional Chinese tea ceremony that comes from iconic Chinese folk culture.

The Kung Fu Tea Master’s pouring spectacle is marvellous to watch and gives a truly unique insight into Chinese culture. The high impact performance involves fast-paced moves with the long-funnelled teapot and pouring tea in a variety of athletic positions and poses. The art of the Chinese tea ceremony focuses on pouring the perfect cup of tea. This superb performance is a combination of Chinese folk culture, martial arts, dance moves, incredible skills and tradition.

The stunning Chinese Tea Ceremony performance lasts around five minutes and can be finalised with the Kung Fu Tea Master pouring tea for your guests. He can perform the act in any location that has enough space to accommodate the martial arts moves.

Trained to high distinction at the Emei School in China our Kung Fu Tea Master gained the title of “one of the most talented youth” in the Sichuan Province. Starting to master his skills at a very young age, he has been awarded multiple accolades for his commitment to Chengdu and Sichuan culture.

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