Latin dance group Hungary

Latin Dance Group

Dynamic group of Latin ballroom dancers will bring the energy and good vibes of Latin music to your event
Stage dance shows are fully customisable and dancers can teach spectators some steps and moves after their performance
Performers can dance various Latin ballroom styles and wear different costumes
Ideal entertainment for cruise ships, resorts, galas, ceremonies, festivals, etc.
This Latin Dance Group is based in Budapest and available for bookings worldwide

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Fill your venue with colour, dynamic music and good vibes by booking this Latin Dance Group, sensational dancers who will bring the energy of Latin music to your event.

Consisting of both male and female performers, this Latin dance troupe’s artists have participated in some of the most important ballroom competitions in Hungary and around the world. Our Latin ballroom dancers masters various styles such as salsa, cha cha, samba, rumba, pasodoble, to name a few of the many Latin ballroom dances they can

Our Latin dance troupe has a comprehensive selection of outfits to choose from for different types of events and performances. From flamenco dresses and matador suits to feather carnival costumes, our performers are happy to wear different outfits and compliment them with different accessories to fit your event’s theme or your event’s requirements.

Their vibrant stage dance show is a visual display of energetic moves, acrobatic figures and colourful costumes. They add a special element to some of their performances called ‘quick change’, which adds a touch of magic to the dancing as our dancers can change costumes from one movement to another in the blink of an eye.

From one individual dancer up to 5 couples can be booked to provide the entertainment at your party. Our dancers will also teach spectators some basic steps and moves after their stage dance show. They can create their own dancing with the stars-style competition and train with participants who will eventually perform their choreographies with a professional dancer in front of a big audience.

Ideal entertainment option for cruise ships, resorts, openings, festivals, ceremonies and many more, our Latin ballroom dancers have entertained audiences at different cruises like Costa cruises, Crystal cruises, Tallink ferries and Sija ferries. Currently based in Budapest, our versatile dancers are available for performances worldwide.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide variety of Ballroom Dancers for events and occasions in Hungary and all over the world.

Hire this sensational Latin Dance Group by contacting us today and asking to speak to one of our Entertainment Coordinators. They will be happy to provide further details on these amazing Latin Ballroom dancers and provide assistance throughout the booking process.


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