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Levitating Gentleman

A highly entertaining show of levitating that appeals to international audiences of all ages
Colourful balloons and slick costume make this performer stand out in a crowd and will draw in spectators
Family friendly entertainment perfect for festivals, shopping malls and public events
A unique levitation performance that will capture the hearts of any audience
Based in Belgium and available to book for international events worldwide

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In need of a universally appealing form of entertainment that will charm children and adults alike? This levitating gentleman is just who you’ve been looking for! 

This levitation trick has an enchanting back story that will delight audiences. This friendly grandfather was on the way to meet his grand daughter when he passed by a balloon seller and bought a bunch of the brightly coloured balloons to surprise her with! Having reached the appointed meeting place, he waits, but he may have bought one too many balloons for as he waits they start to lift him into the air - but he can’t let them go! Fortunately he had his walking stick in hand and was able to use the hook to grab onto the nearest object to keep him grounded - and there he waits patiently for his grand daughter. 

Suspended in the air by brightly coloured balloons, this real levitation artist will draw crowds and fascinate them with his astounding levitation trick - they will be left puzzling over how he does it! 

A loveable character, he will invite passersby and spectators to keep him company and even have a photo taken with him whilst he waits - he knows that he must look quite a spectacle. A highly interactive piece of static street theatre and a unique levitation performance, hire this levitation artist to charm your audience. 

Ideal for festivals, shopping malls, street and public events, our levitating gentleman is a fantastic way to draw crowds to a specific location. 

If you like this character, this performing artist can also appear as a Comical Lizard Man - he is a gentleman of many talents! 

To find out more about booking our Levitating Gentleman for your event, get in contact with our experienced Entertainment Coordinators. 


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