Jorge Yorch

Male Violin Player

Electrifying LED electric violinist always turn any celebration into a real fiesta
Versatile artist can play rock, pop, jazz, electronic and house music but also classical sounds
Has performed along big names such as Alejandro Sanz and at famous clubs in Ibiza and all over Spain
Can perform background music at weddings and energetic sounds at nightclubs, corporate events, etc.
This Modern Violin Player is based in Madrid and available for bookings worldwide

Male Violin Player VIDEOS

Male Violin Player PHOTOS

Take your party to a whole new level by booking this extraordinary Modern Violin Player, a sensational live party musician who will enliven any event with his dynamic performances and his electrifying sounds.

This contemporary musician discovered his passion for music at a young age. Academically trained, he specialised in modern sounds although he plays different genres and styles including rock, pop, jazz and electronic and house music. Our versatile violinist can also play classical music upon request.

An energetic LED violin player, numerous events and nightclubs across Ibiza and Spain have trusted him to provide the entertainment at some of their biggest celebrations. Some of the most famous venues our LED violin player has performed at include Privilege club in Ibiza, Pacha club in La Pineda, Opium club in Barcelona and Barcelo Theatre in Madrid, to name but a few.

Our live party musician has also had the privilege to perform along big names in the Spanish and international music scene such as Alejandro Sanz and Laura Pausini. Besides being an in-demand LED electric violinist, this artist is also a talented classical violin player who will dress his most elegant suit to play some soothing background music at your wedding, drinks reception or other social gathering.

As a solo musician or accompanied by a DJ or other artists, our energetic LED violin player is always the soul of every party. He loves what he does and he always manages to transmit his energy and passion. Our live party musician even joins the fun by jumping off the stage and mix and mingling with guests on the dancefloor.

Ideal live violinist for weddings, nightclubs, corporate events, VIP parties and many more, this LED electric violinist is guaranteed to lift the spirits to any partygoer and make crowds dance until early hours in the morning.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide variety of Live Violinists for weddings, parties and other special occasions in Spain and all over the world.

If you would like to book this sensational Modern Violin Player, contact our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts today and make and enquiry. They will gladly answer all the questions you may have about this phenomenal live party musician and assist you in the booking process.

  • Alejandro Sanz – “Sirope” TV presentation
  • Bilindo - Sevilla
  • Cutty Sark Tour
  • Elements Club - Ibiza
  • G Vine
  • IFEMA - Madrid
  • Laura Pausini - Greatest Hits World Tour
  • Mulligans - Alicante
  • Otto Zutz - Barcelona
  • Penélope - Madrid
  • Ron Brugal
  • Sojo Ribera - Córdoba
  • Sala LAB - Madrid
  • Black Haus (Buddah) - Madrid
  • Danzatoria - Barcelona
  • Funky Budda Beach - Marbella
  • Gold - Málaga
  • Joy Eslava - Madrid
  • Luminata - Murcia
  • Opium - Barcelona
  • PACHA - La Pineda
  • Privilege - Ibiza
  • Sala Pelícano - Coruña
  • Tito's - Mallorca
  • Teatro Barceló - Madrid


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