Smartphone Orchestra - Online Social Experiment

Online Social Experiment

Get to know yourself and your colleagues better with this online version of the Smartphone Orchestra's ground-breaking, Social Sorting Experiment
Learn how your data from every click, like and swipe is used alongside psychological insights to create an understanding of your character
Participants join the hosted session via Zoom on their computer screen and receive personal prompts and questions on a separate smartphone
Converse, judge and be judged, build your network and, who knows, you might be logging-off with a new best friend
Highly engaging, participants' private answers are collated and the collective results will give guests a new understanding of themselves and others

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1. What can I expect from this Online Social Experiment?

This is a live online experience hosted over Zoom that really has to be participated in to be fully believed. When guests join the zoom call they are greeted in the main event room by an almost otherworldly host in his calm and relaxing demeanour. He will ask guests to prepare by logging into the artist’s website and after a brief introduction as to how the experience will work and how few online interactions it takes to build up a detailed digital portrait of a person's personality, the experiment will begin.

Online guests are split into different breakout rooms with between 1 additional guest and sent instructions to their smartphones about what to discuss. After a short time, online guests are returned to the main room where they answer questions anonymously (again these are sent to their smartphones) about their experience in the break out room. This process is then repeated 2 additional times with different guest pairings until the hosts have gathered data about the audience interactions. This experience is not for the faint-hearted. The questions asked of the audience are often absurdist, always illuminating but are sometimes hard-hitting and require guests to be brutally honest. Answers are kept completely anonymous and only used to sort guests into different categories or arranged in different orders depending on how the other guests voted and only for the purpose of this experience. You may find out who is perceived to have the most wealth, who has the perceived prettiest shoes and even which of the group are most ideally suited and destined to become best friends!

This is certain to be an interactive experience like nothing you have taken part in before and you will log off with a better understanding of yourself and your colleagues!

2. Is this experience interactive?
Absolutely! Virtually from the moment guests log-on to the call to the moment they log-off they are constantly interacting and actively participating in some way. This may be in the breakout rooms when they are interacting with other guests or when they are answering questions on their phones. This entire experience relies on audience interactions. 

3. What do guests need to participate?
Guests will need a device with a webcam and microphone to watch and interact with the other guests and they will also require a separate smartphone. 

4. How many guests can take part? 
This experience needs a minimum of 6 participants to work and can accommodate a maximum of 46. Larger groups are preferable as they allow more interactions and more data to be collected. This experience also works best with an even number of guests to more easily facilitate splitting them into break out rooms.

5. How long is this experience? 
The full experience lasts for between 40 minutes - 60 minutes.

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