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Rainbow Bugs on Stilts

Wonderful insect-like walkabout circus act provides a riot of colour and fun
Perfect meet and greet costume character duo for any themed event or special celebration
Professional stilt artists’ outfits allow them to glow in the dark for an illuminated night time display
Enchanting roaming performers will delight children and adults alike
Our whimsical Rainbow Bugs on Stilts are based in Utrecht, Netherlands, and available for international bookings

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Hire these whimsical, insect-like stilt artists for a fantastical meet and greet costume character duo.

Guaranteed to brighten up any audience’s day, these chirpy roaming performers will set a jovial tone at any special event as they welcome arriving guests. Friendly and sociable, children and adults alike will fall for our Rainbow Bugs on Stilts as they interact and engage at your event. 

With such unique and remarkable styling, guests won’t be able to resist the opportunity to have their picture taken with these adorable roaming performers. More than happy to pose and perform in front of the camera, our walkabout circus act will gladly oblige. The ultimate family-friendly stilt act, our performers can hand out small treats or balloons for even more fun!

Dressed head to toe in glittering tulle and brightly coloured sequins, our quirky and creative costume character duo will be the centre of attention wherever they roam. Intricately designed outfits certainly deliver on the wow factor with sparkling insects buzzing about their heads, pompom-ed hats and cirque-style collars and skirts. Adding to the spectacular display, our costume character duo sport translucent dragonfly wings decorated with a silky ribbon trimming and shimmering discs. 

Talented stilt artists, our professional walkabout circus act will tower over your event with graceful strides and teetering steps. Highly experienced, our skilled roaming performers will keep you and your event in safe hands. 

Top Tip:

Evening or night time event? Just like real lightening bugs, our Rainbow Bugs on Stilts have a surprise up their sleeves when the light fades. Their elaborate outfits allow them to glow and glimmer in the dark for a spectacular illuminated night time display. 

Excited to hire fantastical walkabout stilt artists for your next event? Browse our magnificent collection of costumed stilt acts for a one-of-a-kind act no one will forget.

To find out more about how to book, contact our team of Entertainment Experts.


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