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Roaming Wooden Couple

Astonishing walkabout act from a wooden costumed couple
The roaming characters give an interactive performance
Created by two visual comedy experts with over 25 years experience as roaming characters
Walkabout act with incredible costumes is engaging and fascinating for all audiences
Wooden couple based in Amsterdam and available internationally

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Would you like something a bit different for your event that will leave your guests in disbelief? Maybe you’re looking to branch out and offer your guests something they won’t forget. Scarlett Entertainment is here to get to the root of your walkabout act dilemma. This interactive performance will leave your guests stumped.

These roaming characters are nothing short of amazing. The incredible costumes are a head turner for any event anywhere in the world. Our roaming wooden couple look like they are completely made out of wood. Their faces, skin, hair, clothes, accessories, everything looks like it is made of wood!

The roaming characters’ story is that they are made of 100% Eco-certificate wood. Powered by renewable energy sources of wind and solar energy and equipped with their eco-mobiles they wander and drive through their wooden world, clutching a grass suitcase filled with all kind of other bio-powered accessories. To add to the effect, this wooden walkabout act even makes creaking noises. During their walkabout act they get up to all sorts of things like greeting trees, interacting with people in the audience and performing micro-plays.

An interactive performance created by two visual comedy experts from the Netherlands. These guys both have over 25 years experience as roaming characters, so, you can guarantee this act is going to impress. It is a romantic, surreal and positively enchanting walkabout act. There no language used in the performance therefor attainable by audiences worldwide.

Having wowed crowds with their incredible costumes and fascinating walkabout act at many different events worldwide we think these roaming characters would be suitable for festivals, community celebrations, summer and countryside themed events.

If you really want to impress the guests at your event don’t hesitate in speaking to one of our dedicated team of professionals at Scarlett Entertainment who will be more than happy to assist you in booking these roaming characters.


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