Tour in Rome - Rome Horse Riding Tours

Rome Horse Riding Tours

Enjoy sightseeing on the outskirts of Rome on horseback
Explore beaches, nature, historical sights and sample local foods
Over 20 different horseback tours available
Tours last from one to five days with overnight accommodation
All tours take place outside of Rome

Rome Horse Riding Tours PHOTOS

Get the most our of your trip to the romantic capital with some Rome sightseeing on the outskirts of the city. Our Rome horse riding tours let guests enjoy the tourist attractions that lie outside of the city in the surrounding villages, beaches and countryside. 

Enjoy a relaxing guided tour on horseback, trotting along at a gentle pace whilst enjoying your surroundings and visiting locations far beyond the usual tourist attractions of the city. This Rome sightseeing activity is a charming opportunity to get friendly, up close and personal with a team or business associates. There is plenty of opportunity for conversation whilst on horseback and whilst enjoying local foods.

Our Rome horse riding tours vary in length from one day up to five. All horseback guided tours longer than a day usually involve only 6 hours in the saddle, include accommodation, some meals and many extras depending on your chosen tour. 

There are many private horseback guided tours available, each for a minimum of two people, they are as follows:

- Rome Appian Way
- Garibaldi’s Footsteps
- The Journey on Aurunci
- Between Papacy and the Risorgimento - 4 days tour 
- Abruzzo and the Natural Fortresses - 2 days
- In the footsteps of Diana – The taste and the Ancient Arts - 2 days
- In the Land of the Latins - at least 2 days
- Way of Taste tour - 2 days
- The Eye of Jupiter and the Sacred Way - 2 days
- Circeo, Divine Adventure in Golden Bay - 2 days
- The Myth of Bellona - 2 days
- Along the Via Francigena - 2 days
- Weekend at the Orvinio’s Castle
- Small Town with Rich Origins - 4 days
- Archeo-film Trip - 2 days
- The Etruscan Trails - 2 days
- Travelling in Latium’s Maremma - 5 days
- The Northern Etruria - 7 days
- The Maremma and the Cave’s Way - 1 day
- The Strawberries and the Nemi’s Lake - 1 day
- Viterbo, The Etruscan Way - 1 day
- Picnic on Horseback - 3 hours
- Bracciano - 1 day
- Horseback ride long the Latium Beach - 1 day

Contact our team of location experts at Scarlett Entertainment to enquire about booking yourself one of the Rome horse riding tours and to find out more about each of the tours available.

Booking Tips:
• Sensational horseback touring
• Trips longer than a day include food. accommodation and more
• Cultural and historical 
• Over 20 tours available
• Perfect get-to-know opportunity



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