Champagne Dress Diva

Roving Champagne Dress

Unique roving champagne dress WOWs guests as our beautiful strolling server glides around venues accompanied by a huge skirt stocked with champagne
Fantastic service that is bound to get your guests talking will excite and amaze all who witness these roaming beauties
Our strolling dresses roam about venues, interacting guests and keeping their drinks constantly full
A service overflowing with not only champagne but charm and sophistication
Based in San Francisco and available for worldwide bookings

Roving Champagne Dress VIDEOS

Roving Champagne Dress PHOTOS

Book our glamorous roving champagne dress for service with a difference. Our strolling server glides around the room mixing and mingling with guests whilst serving glasses from her beautiful ball gown.  Our beautiful servers and their strolling dresses are a hit with all guests as this interactive service is elegant, sophisticated and unique.

Wonderful interactive service that is different to the norm, goes against the generic waitress service and instead creates an elegant and graceful service that is efficient and stunning to watch.

A champagne dress that is worn by our stunning strolling server is a sight to behold as she gracefully glides around the room whilst wearing a glamorous ball gown complete with an elegant cage that mimics the shape of her skirt to hold approximately 20 x 750ml bottles of beverage. 

An interactive service that keeps the alcohol flowing along with charm, elegance and grace our strolling server is a delight to have at any event and will ensure that your guests are entertained as well as topped up with champagne at all times. 

To book our elegant strolling dresses contact our Entertainment Specialists today, or to see more from our aerial servers check out our Aerialists Bartenders, Bubble Gymnasts, Art Cars and Wine Bike pages.


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