Violetta Piontek - Pianist

Russian Female Pianist

Very elegant and sophisticated female pianist from Kerch in Russia
Fantastic solo pianist for intimate occasions and luxurious events
Huge repertoire of music spans from classic music through to modern pop songs
Small set-up with the keyboard means she can perform anywhere
Based in Kerch and available for events all over the world

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Our very elegant and sophisticated female Russian female pianist is a highly experienced musician from Kerch. The highly versatile solo piano player that is fully tailorable to any occasion. Offering the very best wedding music through to unobtrusive background music, she will perform elegantly in the background of your event and serenade the guests with a wide variety of music that can be fully tailorable to preferences.  

Available as a solo piano player or compact keyboard player, she is guaranteed to delight your guests with her beautiful background music or set the mood with romantic wedding music. She has a vast repertoire of instrumental music that spans from classical through to modern pop songs.

The Russian Female Pianist is an accomplished live musician who graduated from the Kotlyarevsky Kharkov State University. She then became a piano teacher at the Nikolaev State Music school. She is a very experienced musician not just as a solo piano player but with multiple different ensembles and all-female music groups. She regularly performs with duos and trios dedicated to providing the best private event and wedding music for clients throughout Russia.

As a keyboard player, she has a very simple set-up that takes up very little room. This means she can fit into tight spots to provide your guests with elegant background music. 

Contact us st at Scarlett Entertainment is you would like to book our Russian female pianist for your wedding or special event.