Natalia Astramowicz-McGough

Saxophonist Dublin

One of Ireland's leading, award winning saxophonists
Can perform beautifully moving classical music or lively, swinging tunes
Styles include classical, jazz, pop, motown, swing and club music
Available to perform as part of a live background sax/piano duo
Based in Dublin and available to perform at events worldwide

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Our Saxophonist Dublin holds prize-winning performance MAs from the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark and the prestigious Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland.  She is one of Ireland's leading saxophonists and her extraordinary training and versatility means she can perform beautifully moving Classical music or lively, swinging tunes right up to top 40 hits and classics. 

Saxophonist Dublin steps in and out of various musical worlds. On any given day she could be performing with an orchestra or marching band, serenading diners at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel or jamming with a DJ to get the late-nighters on the dance floor at the Morgan Hotel. A classical musician at the core, but she also dabbles in other styles such as jazz, motown, swing and club music.  Her technique simply opens the way to her musical self-expression, delivered in a clear and sweet tone.

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