Shadow Dance Singapore

Unique entertainment that transcends cultural & linguistic barriers
Bespoke performances can be created to tell specific stories & messages
Offers a powerful way to promote brands, products, services etc.
Perfect for corporate events, exhibitions, festivals & trade fairs
Based in Singapore & available to perform at events worldwide

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Shadow dance offers a unique visually stimulating form of entertainment that can transcend cultural and linguistic barriers. This fascinating and captivating form of silent theatre will mesmerise and delight audiences of all ages and due to its universal nature is particularly suited to events with international audiences.

A powerful storytelling tool, this talented team of shadow dancers can create bespoke shows to incorporate clients’ specific needs - be that product placement, conveying a specific message or story, and using certain themes. The sheer versatility of this art form makes it the perfect choice for a range of events from company celebrations and corporate events to exhibitions and festivals.