Nimeera Bellydance / Snake Dance

Snake Bellydancer

A Snake Bellydancer who boasts exciting Arabian themed entertainment that casts everyone under a spell
Several snakes to choose from whether you desire a smaller snake or big and impressive, pretty and candy coloured or albino
All snakes are non-venomous and highly socialised and very friendly
Snake dancer can perform routines as well as pose for photographs and mingle with guests
Based in Springfield Virginia USA and available for worldwide bookings

Snake Bellydancer PHOTOS

A sultry Snake Bellydancer who performs exotic bellydancing routines as well as performing with live snakes. The perfect Arabian themed entertainment option for any event looking for a world class performer to enchant and mesmerise guests, this snake dancer boasts an hypnotic performance that will leave every audience member in a trance.

With a wide range of costumes and outfit choices this exceptional bellydancer can adapt every performance to complement your event whether it be an all white party, Arabian themed event, Egyptian, Turkish, Persian, Latin, or Indian theme. 

Boasting performances that are both traditional and contemporary, this exceptional bellydancer can perform with traditional props such as veils, zills, canes, sword, fans, and wings. In addition to her traditional performances our bellydancer can incorporate contemporary props such as; LED light-up wings, light-up cane and glowing costumes as well as performing thrilling routines with candelabra, candle-tray, balancing on a drum and of course, dancing with live snakes.

With several snakes to choose from, our snake dancer is certain to have the right serpent for the occasion., whether you need something small and cute, big and impressive, pretty and candy-coloured, or even a white snake for your white party. Our Snake Bellydancer has the perfect one for you and provides exceptional event entertainment that impresses guests of all ages.

Top Tip:

All of the snakes used in her performances are non-venomous, highly socialised, very friendly, healthy and relaxed, and specifically trained for dancing. 

By request, our Snake Bellydancer can incorporate mix and mingle Arabian themed entertainment alongside her performance as she roams about your event with her snake, mix and mingling with guests and posing for photographs.

To book our exciting Snake Bellydancer or for more information about event entertainment and hiring a snake dancer, contact our helpful team of Entertainment Specialists today.


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