MAX Violin Show

Ultimate Violin Show

An all-in-one stage violin show that includes sensational live violin medleys, video images, iconic dances and a small orchestra accompaniment!
Led by a versatile violin player who can play the violin in bizarre postures, use an LED bow and play his instrument as if it were a guitar
Violinist takes audiences on a journey through different music styles from classical music to contemporary music
Perfect live stage entertainment for theatres, cruise ships, corporate events, galas, ceremonies, dinners, etc.
Ultimate Violin Show available for bookings in Ukraine and all over the world

Ultimate Violin Show VIDEOS

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Amaze audiences with the Ultimate Violin Show, an all-in-one performance that includes sensational live violin medleys, video images, iconic dances and a small orchestra accompaniment!

A stage violin show loved by audiences of all ages and music tastes, this performance covers all styles! From classical music by Chopin and Vivaldi to catchy live violin medleys of Michael Jackson’s most famous hits, this multi-talented performer is guaranteed to cause jaws to drop with his lively performance.

Led by a versatile violin player, this show is an explosive fusion of styles and elements. Besides his indisputable talent as a musician, our violinist is a real showman. He will pay tribute to different music genres, cinema periods and countries by playing international famous melodies. As you can see by watching the video above, he can play Western classics, silent movies’ melodies and also Irish traditional music!

Accompanied by a group of string musicians and drummers, our versatile violin player takes listeners through a musical journey that both young and old school generations will enjoy. This unique stage violin show also involves audience interaction: our violinist/showman interacts with audiences by asking them questions throughout the show and jumping off stage and playing his violin whilst he roams around your venue.

The perfect live stage entertainment for a broad variety of occasions, this stage violin show is perfect for theatres, corporate events, galas, ceremonies, dinners, etc. A popular cruise ship entertainment option, our versatile violin player has entertained audiences worldwide with his incredible skills and unique entertainment concept!

Top Tip:

Our musician can play both the classical and the electric violin in bizarre postures and use an LED bow to play his instrument. He can even play the violin as if it were a guitar!

At Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of live stage entertainment options for events and occasions in Ukraine and all across the world.

Book the Ultimate Violin Show by contacting us today. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this versatile violin player and his musicians and assist you in the booking process.