Amy Serrano - Violinist with musicians

Violinist and Backing Musicians

Available to play with both electric or traditional violins
An extensive repertoire of modern covers and classical pieces
A range of lineups available, from soloist violin through to performing with cellists, pianists, guitarists and backup dancers
High-energy performance which is a joy to watch for audiences
Based in the USA and available to travel to events

Violinist and Backing Musicians VIDEOS

Varied lineups mean performances tailored to your events

Our talented female violinist is now available to perform with a variety of accompanying musicians, meaning you can tailor performances to suit your needs. From traditional stringed instruments through to modern electric violins, cellos and guitars, it's easier than ever to tweak setlists and lineups to ensure you're getting the right act for your event.  

Diverse repertoire of material 

Charming renditions of modern material and classical pieces alike are skillfully reimagined to bring a unique flavour to every performance. The use of electric stringed instruments really lends itself to a modern way of performing and helps add new depth to pieces.

Vibrant performances that leave audiences wanting more

All of the performances are upbeat and the excitement is tangible to the audience, but if you want to take it to the next level our violinist can also provide "Violin Duels". Two violinists battle it out over complex pieces, a truly energetic performance sure to keep audiences guessing throughout.

If you want to find out more, click here or to see some of our other acts you might be interested in, follow this link 

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