Apricity - Virtual K-pop dance workshops

Virtual K-Pop Workshop

Get guests on the virtual dance-floor with an interactive K-Pop Workshop
Classes are taught by members of our experienced Candian K-Pop dance team
K-Pop combines different dance techniques including Jazz, Hiphop, Contemporary and Urban, it has something to suit all want-to-be dancers
These classes can be tailored for all abilities whether you've danced before or not!
The perfect, energizing activity for team-building, as an ice-breaking exercise or for those just looking to keep fit!

Virtual K-Pop Workshop VIDEOS

Virtual K-Pop Workshop PHOTOS


1. How does it work?

 This experience is typically provided as a customised pre-recorded video to be used at your online event. Our K-Pop dancers ordinarily create a step-by-step dance tutorial for your online guests to follow, which is a great way to keep people actively engaged in the event. Depending on your event requirements this can be created with either a single dancer or a small group of dancers with one leading the class and the rest of the group taking part in the demonstration. Additionally, our artists do also offer the option of a short pre-recorded dance performance to be used as an upbeat interlude to your virtual event if this would be of more interest. Whichever option you choose for your event these videos are recorded in a professional dance studio with a minimum of two camera's to create dynamic shots.

2. Do guests need anything to be able to participate?

All guests will need is a strong wifi connection, a device to watch the show on and, if taking part in the tutorial, space to dance in!

3. How long is each session?
This can be adapted for each event however, we recommend up to 30 minutes for a detailed dance tutorial and to allow guests plenty of instruction to learn the routine from




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