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Virtual Lego® Building Workshop

Interactive and highly engaging these Virtual Lego® workshops will exercise event guests imagination 
Our Virtual Lego® workshops are a great team-building activity and provide the perfect way to reconnect with remote teams
Workshops can either focus on a single activity or include multiple hands-on tasks designed to improve guests creative thinking
Highly tailorable the workshop can include creative prompts such as local landmarks or self-portraits 
Our Lego® workshop provider has previously worked with the National Trust, Cambridge University, Science Museum Group and Amazon

Virtual Lego® Building Workshop PHOTOS


1. What can I expect from this workshop?

This is a live-streamed experience typically held over zoom, although additional video conferencing platforms will be considered. Our workshop facilitator (and Lego® enthusiast) will introduce each activity and ensure participants understand the task before letting them get stuck in and building the models. Throughout each task the facilitator will engage with the audience, demonstrating different techniques and making suggestions for extra challenges. At the end of the task participants share their creations! In a standard 60 minute workshop, this routine is repeated three times with the facilitator setting different challenges that test online guests creativity and technical skills.

2. How long is the workshop?

This workshop usually lasts for between 60-90 minutes, although this can be adapted to better fit your event schedule. However, this will impact the number of models/challenges the audience have time to participate in. 

3. What will guests need to be able to participate?
All guests will need is a device with a webcam to watch the workshop on, strong wifi-connection and Lego® bricks. Our hosts will recommend a simple set to be sent out in advance so that all the guests have the same pieces. You can either arrange to have these sent to guests yourself or our host can arrange this for you.

4. How many can take part in the workshop at once?

We recommend up to 30 guests per facilitator to ensure maximum levels of interaction with the host

" Thanks again for the Lego® session!! It's so hard to do remote activities, and it was great to have something new and interactive! "

Manager, Google for Education

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